A gathering place for multicultural inclusion and mutual growth

Program Participants

Collaborating Organizations


Social and Culture programs

The Cyrus Foundation hosts ongoing programs that educate and inspire all ages and promote connected communities. In our fast-paced world, we build bridges of trust and cooperation among diverse communities.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Art and Culture
  • Speaker Series
  • Skills Training

Enterprenership Programs

We believe that successful business and social entrepreneurship are germane to a well functioning society and our collective advancement. Our entrepreneurship support programs enable entrepreneurs and job creators to deepen their impact by sharing their stories and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals. We promote giving back and empowering others as the true measures of success and achievement.

Youth Programs

  • Sports
  • Arts, Music, Cultural Programs
  • Art Education and Portfolio
  • Technical training, Life coaching, ESL Tutoring, Public Speaking, Math, STEM, Financial Literacy, Design, Digital Programming, Coding, Leadership Classes
  • Health & Wellness: Yoga , Taichi , Stress Management
  • Language Training: French, Chinese, Persian, and Others
  • Parenting Classes
  • Youth Business Club

Our Facility

The Cyrus Foundation and community center is located at the border between the city of Toronto and York Region in Markham. Whether you are planning a conference, a lecture, or a community event for kids,  the Cyrus Foundation offers  an array of services and amenities including: 

  • Versatile spaces
  • WiFi in all meeting rooms
  • Dedicated on-site AV Support
  • Large parking lot
Room Type Capacity
Seminar 40
Art 65
Community 125
Amphitheatre 300

We Celebrate Our volunteers


Volunteering at community organizations offers a unique avenue to serve others and make new connections and learn new skills. If you have experience as a volunteer or are interested in trying it out for the first time to expand your personal and career horizons, contact us to explore opportunities for sharing your skills and vision with the Cyrus Foundation community. Generosity begets generosity.