Get Involved

The Cyrus foundation welcomes the involvement of community members in all its programs. We encourage donation and volunteering as pillars of community empowerments ;

Make a tax-deductible donation to support the community and programs of your choice. Our common future and your legacy depend on it. 

Sponsoring our programs will enable you to raise the visibility of your organization among  diverse communities and professions. We help you make new connections to open doors and provide actionable knowledge..  

Volunteering at community organizations offers a unique avenue to serve others and make new connections and learn new skills. If you have experience as a volunteer or are interested in trying it out for the first time to expand your personal and career horizons, contact us to explore opportunities for sharing your skills and vision with the Cyrus Foundation community. Generosity begets generosity.

As a registered charity, we offer a variety of event spaces and support services at competitive rates which empower organizations and aspiring individuals of diverse backgrounds and means. Our facility is readily accessible by transit, offers free parking. We also help you advertise your event to a broad and influential audience. 

Do you believe in giving back and empowering community members and youth? Join our advisory board to explore ways of becoming involved in community programs, and sharing your expertise and passion that can serve as an inspiration for others. Please write to … to apply.  

We believes that entrepreneurs with a broad social mission are a key part of a building a better future for all. We promote combining   business success with the ethic of service and giving back through telling the stories of successful entrepreneurs who have also given back by sharing their time, resources, and skills.  Contact us to explore how you can serve as an inspiration for others.

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