Stuart Sherman

Board Member : Technology Officer

Stuart runs one of the most innovative AI companies in the world, pioneering a new class of AI, “Behavioural AI”. This isn’t exactly surprising based on his history. Having extensively studied Managerial Sciences in university, specific aspect of Managerial Accounting relating to, Behavioral Economics, and Organizational Behaviour; Stuart went on to start an early Management Information Services company which, in the late 1980’s, ran a private network for mail and file transfer between Toronto, New York and Mexico City. Selling that company, Stuart founded one of Canada’s first Digital Agencies – before the Internet was a household thing! That company was sold in 1999 to WPP and Stuart transitioned into Finance, creating an innovative sub-prime lender, which built a substantial automotive loan portfolio which was sold shortly before the financial crisis of 2007. After that Stuart once again got interested in Technology, and specifically the early stages of AI. Today you will find him working with some of the worlds’ largest companies, designing and implementing AI designed to change the way they understand their Big Data.