Mohammed Eslami

Board Member : Founder and Chairman

Mohammed is a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Following the successful completion of his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering he had a strong desire to continue his education with a focus on environmental engineering and management. Upon the successful completion of his master’s degree in chemical engineering he worked for the printed circuit board division of Nortel in the capacity of a process and environmental engineer in Belleville, Ontario.

After working for Nortel for a couple of years he moved to Toronto to work for another manufacturing company as an engineering and environmental system manager.

In 1997 he combined his passion for technology and innovation by founding a company called Circoflex Corporation. This start-up technology company manufactures flexible printed circuit boards.

As an environmentalist, Mohammed has a strong passion for incorporating green space into residential as well as commercial real estate development projects.

Mohammed founded The Cyrus Foundation in 2011. The foundation was established for the purpose of enhancing leadership capabilities and self-confidence in youth. Mohammed truly believes that The Cyrus Foundation fulfills a vital and urgent and often neglected need – that of empowering youth innovation. He believes that this is indeed a worthy and worthwhile endeavour.