Farkhondeh (Tina) Pourlotfi

Community Manager

Ms. Farkhondeh (Tina) Pourlotfi is the Community Centre Manager at the Cyrus Foundation, which she joined as a full-time community support adviser in early 2017. She is a specialist in cultural and social programming and promoting community development. An experienced event planner with a focus on cinematic and theatrical arts programming. Tina holds a certificate from the Centre for Film Making in Tehran, and has a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography from the University of Ahvaz. She was a senior administrator in Tehran’s Urban Beautification Bureau where she served as manager of field research, focusing on urban revitalization in under-served areas. She ran advertising for Kheradmand Magazine in Toronto , and has served as the manager of the Nowruz Market (Persian New Year) at the Cyrus Foundation, among other responsibilities. Tina works with a broad array of cultural and social organizations in promoting cohesive and healthy communities, and an avid advocate of connecting disparate communities.