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Join the pause sessions held at Cyrus Community Centre, held by life coach Amitis Nouroozi.

How do the days and weeks of our dear life go by so fast that we lose our goals and desires between these quick moments of transition? At the beginning of each year, January 1st, we have a long list of goals we are going to achieve each year. So far, how many of the goals in this list will be achieved by the end of the year? How many of your goals are missed in the first months of the year?

With today’s busy, fast-paced modern life, how much opportunity we have to pause? The moments we stand and ask ourselves where we stand in personal and professional life? What results have we had so far, where we intend to go, how, and for how long?

The good news is that, at the pause session, you can give yourself the opportunity to learn and experience. How do I target my next month and take effective steps daily and weekly to advance my goals? You are familiar with practical solutions that increase your daily performance so you can move toward your goals more effectively. At the end of each month, you have a chance to pause again to check your monthly results. Equip yourself with new learning tools in each of the above and make the following month more successful.